General Information

Arrival Time

It is important that students arrive at school with enough time for a settling period prior to the commencement of lessons. Students then have time to organise their equipment and experience the classroom as an informal learning environment. Nevertheless, children should not arrive before 8.30 am in the morning except under exceptional circumstances. Those who do arrive before 8.30 am are required to sit on the verandah seats in the main courtyard area until 8.30 am. Second storey students (rooms 7, 8, 10 and 11) are not to go upstairs even after 8.30am if the classroom teacher is not present. Where student arrival before 8.30am occurs regularly and cannot be avoided, please send a note to advise the Principal.


Assemblies are held on a Friday morning at 9am and run for approximately 40 minutes. Each class, apart from our Kindy classes, takes responsibility for an assembly so there are 13 in the year. The dates for the assemblies are published in advance in our fortnightly newsletter and are noted on our term planner. Assemblies are student run and include class items, honour certificates and various whole school rewards.

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