Our Moral Purpose

We provide a high quality education that fosters a love of learning and empowers children to succeed.


At Northam Primary School we aim to promote a happy, orderly environment in which students should develop the intellectual, physical, and social skills necessary to participate successfully in school, work, the home and the community.
Our shared vision is for Northam Primary to be recognised for its pursuit of excellence in all endeavours, both student and staff.

  • A school which offers excellent academic programs that allow students to achieve their personal best.
  • A school where personal and social development are major elements of the education process.
  • A school where students believe in their own ability to succeed.
  • A school where the culture says “it’s cool” to be successful. Students are comfortable with their own success and with that of others.
  • A school which continually strives for a positive partnership with the community.

We believe that all students have a right to a quality education which recognises their social, emotional, physical and educational needs. We strive for excellent educational outcomes for our students in a safe, caring and supportive learning environment.

Our School Values

Download a copy of the Values for Australian Schooling.

These are the core shared values for Northam Primary School:-

  1. Pursuit of Knowledge
    • We strive for excellence.
    • We persevere with tasks.
    • We participate willingly.
    • We show initiative.
  2. Social and Civic Responsibility
    • We co-operate with others.
    • We accept the views of others.
    • We react favourably to correction.
    • We contribute positively to school life.
    • We maintain punctuality throughout the day.
  3. Respect and Concern for Others
    • We show courtesy and consideration to others.
    • We display social tolerance.
    • We are effective group members.
  4. Self Acceptance and Respect of Self
    • We work to the best of our abilities.
    • We accept responsibility for our own learning.
    • We make good choices.
    • We demonstrate self discipline.
  5. Environmental Responsibility
    • We take care of our own, the school and community
    • We know and respect our school values.

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • all students have the right to learn,
  • learning is lifelong,
  • all students learn in different ways at different rates,
  • teachers are facilitators of learning,
  • students, supported by the whole school community, are responsible for their learning,
  • assessment and reporting are ongoing and integral to teaching and learning,
  • students are responsible for their own learning supported by the school community.

We believe that:

  • effective student welfare facilitates learning,
  • all school community members are responsible for the welfare of students,
  • self-respect and respect for others is important to all students’ social development,
  • positive self-esteem is important to the development of the individual,
  • school should be a safe, caring and supportive environment,
  • all students have rights and responsibilities.

We believe that:

  • all members of our learning community have a responsibility to work towards quality outcomes for students,
  • the community is a valuable source of expertise and resources,
  • school decision making and policy development should involve relevant school community consultation.

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